Welcome to Woodland Pattern's Submittable site! 

We are currently accepting submissions from moving image artists to be considered for aCinema's aDifferent Program. Please read on for more information.

We hope you’ll contribute to a publication and reading organized by Ben Binversie, the 2024 Emerging Poet Fellow in the Project category! 

From Ben: We are gathering “watershed moments” in the form of poems from around Milwaukee. For the purpose of this project, your “watershed moments” should include sites and experiences of deep connection with water. We are also asking you to share these special moments and places from the perspective of water itself. Write as you imagine the water would speak. If you don’t have any sublime experiences or favorite water spots, that’s ok! Go to a place where you can connect with this primary element and let the water guide you.

You might find yourself alongside a trickling stream or dried-up creek bed, at a bustling beach or forgotten neighborhood swimming pool, beside a shut-off bubbler, or in bed where you cry your eyes out. Your site of inspiration could also be the church where you were baptized, a community garden or local watering hole, or even a rushing sewer drain. You might write from the perspective of the water steeping your chamomile or that which is soaking your dirty dishes. Feel free to explore the uncommon places where we encounter water. Where does water speak to you? You might have to be very quiet to hear. 

With this prompt in mind, you are invited to submit up to three “watershed” poems. Just like water takes the shape of its container, your poem can take whatever form it needs, but shorter poems are encouraged (no more than a page). Selected poems will be gathered into a pamphlet, which will include a map of our watershed and be presented at a reading near the water this summer. This casual group reading for contributors to the pamphlet will take place at the north end of Bradford Beach at 1 pm on Aug. 17. All are welcome! 

Need more inspiration? Visit our website to read Natalie Diaz’s poem,The First Water Is the Body,” which is not written in the voice of water, but will put you in a mood to write with water. 

Submission guidelines:

1–3 poems, no more than a page each. The deadline for submission is July 29. Poems will be collected via Submittable.

We aim to assemble a collection of poems which hold a wide variety of water encounters and include poets at any stage of their practice. Poems in any language will be considered (English translation appreciated).

When submitting poems, please consider the format of the publication: Poems will be collected together on a folded pamphlet, with each poem limited to a 4-inch width. 

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